Hello Internet.


Why, hello there. You’ve stumbled across my little corner of the universe or, er, the Internet rather. This is my own little space that I’ve created for myself where I can document my adventures in college for all of the world to see (or not to see, depending if you care or not).

My name is Kellie. Yes, spelled with an –ie. It’s a family thing. Anyway, I’m seventeen years old and soon to be eighteen years old on the nineteenth of January. I go to a very small high school somewhere in Pennsylvania where I am a senior, and in approximately six months, I will be graduating.

Senior year has been a very surreal event for me thus far. High school in general has been a wonderful ride full of memorable events and amazing people. However, soon, I will no longer be considered a high school student. Soon, I will be putting on that cap and gown and will be shedding that title which I have worn somewhat proudly these past four years. Soon, I will be a college student.

Recently, I have decided to keep a journal. I was inspired by various sources on the Internet such as WhittyNovels and Sailor Mimzy. It’s been a great little keepsake, and I’m so happy to have it to look back on in the future.

In addition to journaling, I have discovered college YouTubers. Obviously, prior to this discovery, I knew that YouTubers such as these fine young people existed, but their videos were never really applicable to me. Until now.

I am proud to say that I am utterly obsessed with videos from wonderful people such as Cath in College, Katherout, and annemariechase.

So you might be asking, “What does any of that extraneous information have to do with you?” (or you might be fed up with my rambling and have left already). Well, I have decided to make my own documentation of my college life. Think of this little blog as my public journal full of my experiences and adventures at college. Furthermore, this little blog will be the written documentation of my filmed adventures over at my YouTube channel (something that I have done for many years as a silly hobby).

KB versus BU

Ah yes. The name of this blog. I have put a ridiculous amount of time thinking about what I should name my blog. My name isn’t really clever in the sense that I could make a play on words. Like Cath in College? That alliteration. Katherout? Ha, I get it, instead of Katherin(e). But Kellie? Hmm. Nothing.

I just stuck with something simple. KB stands for my initials — Kellie B_(insert last name here)__. BU stands for Boston University — the college I will be attending in the fall. And the “versus” part? I think of it like a fighting match type of thing. Me against Boston University, an epic fight to the death. Or well, something like that…

Blog posts to come!

Obviously, I’m still in high school. So I can’t exactly begin my college adventures just yet. However, I will be writing about the process thus far such as my application process, my acceptance stuff, and open house day (which is coming up in April). No worries, I’ll try to be as active as possible as I wrap up my seimg_3891nior year.

Thank you for reading this, whatever this was. I hope you’ll stick around to see my college journey! Until next time…




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