The Application Process

Similar to all high school seniors, towards the beginning of this school year, I began my college application process. It was an annoying and, at times, tedious task that wasn’t all too enjoyable. However, I now reap the rewards of that dreaded task.

Where did I apply?

Originally, I chose six schools that I would apply to. I didn’t necessarily have a preference prior to choosing these six schools. This past summer, I only visited three out of the six schools on my list. For those that care, I chose

  • Marywood University
  • Penn State
  • Boston University
  • Syracuse University
  • Wake Forest University
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst

Out of the six, I had decided that Boston U and Syracuse were my top two choices, given the preference. Those two schools along with UMass were the only schools I had formally visited.

However, in the end, I only actually submitted my applications for Boston, Marywood, and UMass. I also might add that I applied to BU early decision which is binding (meaning that if I got accepted, I would be obligated to go there).

How did I apply?

I just applied via the good ol’ Common App. All of my colleges luckily had their applications there. Well, except for Penn State, but I didn’t have to apply there anyway.

Why did you only apply to three schools?

Like I stated before, I applied early decision to BU. Because I applied early decision, I would be also notified of my admission decision earlier than the other sctumblr_lujcmqpg6i1qii6tmo1_500hools. So if I got in to BU, there would be no point in applying to other schools because hey, that binding contract! Conversely, if I did not get in, I would be an emotional mess.

Okay, no, but really. If I didn’t get into BU, I had decided to apply to Syracuse early decision II meaning that the deadline was January 1 instead of November 15 for early decision I. I thought that it was a good back-up plan because Syracuse was my second choice.

I would also like to add that Penn State was rolling decision anyway, and I was beginning to become on the fence about applying to Wake Forest. In addition, I am quite the procrastinator.

So yup. I only actually applied to three schools. (Oh, and I did get accepted into Marywood, but that doesn’t really matter now.)

Do I have any tips/advice?

Well, I still am a senior in high school. However, if I did have any nuggets of wisdom to pass on to anyone at this point in time I suppose it would be to just not procrastinate on the college application process.

Yes, yes, I know. Not procrastinating is hard. Believe me, I know (I’m procrastinating as I write this). But one of the things that makes senior year a tad stressful is that whole college thing. So honestly, if you get all those college apps out of the way, senior year will be pretty much smooth sailing.

Ask for people’s help, too. My guidance counselor was surprisingly helpful throughout this process as were my teachers. I definitely recommend having your English teacher look over your essays. My English teacher was a massive help when she proofread my essays. It always helps to have an extra pair of eyes look over your work.

As for tips on where to apply, what to look for in a college, whether to apply early decision or not, I will most definitely be making separate posts on those topics.

Until next time…





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