The Year of Firsts

After a long Labor Day weekend of being matriculated into my university and doing a little exploring with my friends on Newbury Street, I entered my first week of college feeling absolutely optimistic and excited. The fact that I was actually a college student hadn’t hit me yet. (In fact, I’m not too sure when it will really sink in that I’m in college…)

Some might argue that beginnings are the hardest part. There’s that saying that starting something is the most difficult thing. However, for me, starting was not the problem. In fact, so far, it’s been the best part. With every class I went to, every note I took, every place I ate at, I had the comfort in knowing that this was someone’s else “first time” as well.

This would be the beginning of the “year of firsts.”

The first time attending a college lecture, the first time sitting in a college classroom, the first time eating in a dining hall in between classes, and the first time moving away from home, the first time being independent….and so on and so forth.

I honestly revel in that fact that there are approximately two-thousand to three-thousand freshmen students doing the exact same thing as I am (or close enough). It’s a common ground for all of us that I believe unites us in some sort of way.

Thus, I would argue that no, starting wasn’t the hard part. The hard part for me is finding motivation to continue.

I’ve struggled quite a bit with motivation in the past during my high school days (wow do I sound old). I find myself getting too distracted or feeling discouraged sometimes. However, that is something that I’m hoping to work on while I’m in college.

Anyway, back on the topic of college and what actually happened during my first week.

Let’s start with academics, shall we?


Of course, I came into college knowing that my classes would be hard. Even though I am nutrition major, science is not really my strong suit (yes, yes, the real question is why would my major then be heavily science based? honestly, that’s a topic for another day). Thus, I boarded the struggle bus as my class schedule filled itself with various science classes and a math class of sorts.

My first class was my BI107 class or Biology I. The course is split into four sections with four different professors. So far, I like my current professor. He’s a great dude. We’re currently discussing evolution.

Then I had my MA115 class or Statistics I. Once again, my professor’s a nice man. He has a very heavy Greek accent, but he seems great. My roommate named her plant in honor of him.

After statistics, I had my WR100 class. All freshmen have to take WR100, but the topic I chose was Fables: Ancient to Modern. In all honesty, the class wasn’t my first pick topic; however, I really like my professor. He apparently grew up in France, and he’s extremely enthusiastic in an engaging sort of way.

For the following days, I had CH171 which is Principles of General Chemistry. Ah, chemistry. I heard chemistry was quite a difficult course, so fingers crossed I do okay.

Since I’m in Sargent College (one of the colleges in Boston University — look it up if you don’t know what I’m taking about!), I also have to take two additional classes. One is HP150 which is basically just an introduction to the health sciences field. And the other one is HP151 — another introduction to health sciences course but this time, we have to read, discuss, and write about four books that follow people in the health/medicine fields.

Those classes are nice. I just wish I wouldn’t have to write so many essays.

But overall, classes aren’t that bad…. (knock on wood).

Social Stuff

They say college is where you meet “your people” — you know, the type of people that you’re supposed to invite to each other’s weddings someday and travel the world with, those sort of people.

Unlike some people in my school, I haven’t found “my people” yet. However, I’m not discouraged. Four years is quite a bit of time to find and meet people that will be in my life for a long time.

Although, I did meet a lot of people that I love being around. I find that so many people here are ridiculously intelligent, not just school-wise but life-wise as well. They’re the kind of people that I would like to constantly surround myself with.

It’s funny how we all grow up on the same planet, but we all experience life so differently.

And despite our differences, we still all find some kind of commonality and can bond over that.

Friendship and interacting with other humans is a beautiful thing. I enjoy it a lot, especially here in college. I look forward to meeting so many more new people throughout my four years.

Clubs! Activities! More Stuff!

Since college is like high school’s older, cooler sibling, there’s ~way~ more things to get involved in. The amount of clubs, activities, and associations that they offer at BU is quite overwhelming.

Part of me wants to do all the things. But the realistic part of me is like nah, just do your work, man.

I tried to find a good balance of both.

With that being said, I went to SPLASH (where all of the clubs, associations, etc. gather on Nickerson Field in West Campus and ambush you with free stuff, free food, and enthusiastic words to convince to sign up for their club, association, etc.) with an open mind in addition to having three clubs on my list:

  • BU MiXx – a K-Pop cover dance group that I’ve been dying to be a part of ever since I got into K-Pop and applied to BU
  • BU FSA or Filipino Student Association – 1) I’m Filipino. 2) A very nice girl messaged me on Facebook and convinced me to join.
  • BU Kendo – When I was younger, I did karate. Despite my slight hatred for karate, I do somewhat miss doing a type of martial arts. Plus, kendo sounds pretty cool.

I walked around with my roommate and we visited all of the clubs on my list in addition to a few others that we randomly found. One of the clubs that we found was BU Quidditch.

We both walked away from SPLASH with a lot of informational flyers and papers and with a lot of decisions to make as to what clubs we would join.

When it came down to it, club times overlapped and there was no way that I could do all the things.

I went to the first day of Quidditch to learn how to play and to just have fun. (If you’re curious to see how muggles play the sport, I highly recommend watching Mudbloods on Netflix.) There’s two teams as well, the competitive team and the House League team which is for fun.

Initially, I had no intention to try-out for the competition team. But in the end, a nice young man from the competition team convinced me to try out.

And I ended up (somehow) making the team. 🙂

As for BU MiXx, practices are twice a week. I have so much fun during each practice. I missed dancing so much, and learning K-Pop dances brings me so much joy. For the current cycle, we’re learning Twice’s Signal, Wanna One’s Energetic, and Seventeen’s Don’t Wanna Cry *cue my Seventeen trash-self screaming to the mountains*

BU FSA is the third club I decided to join. It’s super chill. We mostly eat and talk. I met a lot of great people so far.

Sadly, I couldn’t do BU Kendo.

However, I’m still ridiculously pleased with all of the clubs I’m a part of.

“Are you homesick? Stressed?”

Nope. Not homesick. At all.

I mean, I’ve only been in college for about three weeks, but still. I love it so much here. Boston is a remarkable city and I am living in it. How crazy is that?

But I am stressed. I’m always slightly stressed about school; however, on the surface, I may appear calm. I’m like one of those dormant volcanoes that explode out of nowhere despite scientists’ predictions that I’m chill. In reality, I’m ready to combust at any moment.

I’m alright for now, I swear. I’m learning how to manage my time and learning how to ask for help.

Overall, I’m learning a lot. I’m learning so much every single day. And it’s wonderful. I love learning, and I love being amazed.


During my first week here, I went for a run along the Charles River Esplanade and was just in awe at how beautiful this place is. I am living in this remarkable place.

This place is my home for the next four years.


I’m so lucky, and I’m really happy.

To whoever’s reading this, I hope you’re happy too.





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